Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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HKS Architects Design Geology-Inspired Sports Arena in Diriyah

Rising from the ground like stone monoliths, the arena will feature ‘digital waterfalls’.

Karim Abdullatif

In Diriyah - the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also known as the City of Earth - a new multi-sports arena was designed to celebrate its local culture and redefine the entertainment landscape. Commissioned by the Diriyah Company, HKS Architects created a new 20,000-seat arena that acts as a timeless representation of its place, geology and culture.

“The Arena in Diriyah is a cornerstone element of our mission to blend tradition with innovation,” Jerry Inzerillo, Group CEO of Diriyah Company, tells SceneHome. “It exemplifies Diriyah’s unique lifestyle offering that harmonises community, culture, and natural connection, setting a new standard for world-class destinations rooted in Saudi heritage.”

Designed to foster connections between visitors and Najdi culture and architectural heritage, the arena builds upon Diriyah’s legacy while looking towards a healthy future by employing high-performance energy targets to the project.

Composed of stone monoliths, the architecture evokes local geological formations and ancient Najdi forts and palaces. The arena rises from the landscape with a series of ‘digital waterfalls’ animated by light glow between them. The resulting visual energy serves as a beacon that draws guests by offering a glimpse into the dynamic experience inside.

The arena was designed with the ability to quickly transform to accommodate different events, from intimate concerts to international sporting competitions. Once completed, The Arena in Diriyah will unite both locals and visitors in a shared cultural experience, where heritage and innovation meet.


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