Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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MamaBearNco: The Family-Driven Brand Behind Nature Inspired Designs

The homegrown furniture brand was sparked by a move to the Red Sea and a focus on family.

Karim Abdullatif

In the tranquil setting of Egypt’s Red Sea, Nour Kolaly, founder of homegrown furniture brand MamaBearNco, discovered her passion for crafting furniture that embodies the essence of nature and family warmth. Inspired by her surroundings, MamaBearNco was born - a women-led brand that celebrates the art of handmade furniture.

“Being surrounded by so much nature and having to finish and furnish my own place was the spark,” El Kolaly tells SceneHome, recalling her decision to quit both the corporate world and city life, half-moving to the Red Sea. For El Kolaly, transitioning to serene coastal life was transformative. Drawing from her mother’s craftsmanship and her own newly-founded love for macramé, El Kolaly found herself immersed in furniture-making, blending tradition with contemporary design. “My mum, whom the name ‘MamaBear’ was inspired by, made most of our furniture herself by hand. Meanwhile, I was introduced to Macrame and fell in love right away, teaching myself how to work it.”

Despite exploring a field far from her background, El Kolaly still felt at home, as if crafting furniture was something she was always meant to do. “I started posting my work on social media and it attracted a lot of interest which I wasn’t expecting or planning for,” she recalls. “Making a living from something you enjoy doing is great but nothing compares to your hard work being admired and appreciated, especially when you’ve made it from scratch with your own hands.”

El Kolaly’s journey expanded as her aunts joined, infusing their character into the brand’s collection. This collective effort solidified MamaBearNco as a women-led family business with a deep respect for nature.

“Our love for nature is the driving force behind the pieces, using elements given to us so generously by Mother Nature as a way of paying our dues to this beautiful planet,” El Kolaly says. “There’s also the privilege of making someone’s dream home come true.”

MamaBearNco is focused on a Japandi style, which integrates the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy of valuing minimalism and contentment with the Scandinavian principle of Hygge, which embraces comfort and wellbeing. “It’s more of a lifestyle that we practise, which we hope reflects on the quality of life of homeowners. Each MamaBearnCo piece is a labour of love, shaped by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Take, for example, the Chanoyu Coffee Table - a nod to Japanese tea ceremonies, designed with reverence for nature and cultural appreciation.”

The furniture - crafted from natural materials like wood, cotton, and bamboo - exudes earthy elegance with a neutral palette that soothes the senses. “There are no limits when it comes to design and styling, we each have an entirely unique identity and our homes should represent that, they’re our sanctuaries,” Kolaly says.

With 12 new pieces already unveiled under the Japandi concept and more on the horizon, MamaBearNco hopes to help clients embrace a lifestyle that cherishes simplicity, beauty, and the tranquillity of nature. Each item is crafted with care, and designed for life.


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